New work, wild weather

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Wednesday was as gorgeous as it gets here in Los Angeles, couldn't resist scooping this guy up for a furry selfie while I was picking lemons.  Today it's pouring rain...the plants are happy but the cat is even crabbier.  It's been so wonderful to be so busy in the studio this winter.

Lots of new work has shipped out and is up in the galleries!

Welcome, or, a life in the arts

Welcome to the official site for Kindred Brute Pet Portraits!  

This week I kept thinking about how grateful I am to have a career making art...ah, the solitary artist, in her peaceful studio, quietly considering her palette and perhaps, when her thoughts threaten to overwhelm, she may go walking outside for a catnap under the willow tree to commune with the muse...not so much.  

Monday brought a feverish and cranky daughter, and so did Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Days were spent playing school with a pack of unruly stuffed animals and fetching crackers.  Nights were spent at the studio, double checking colors in the waning light, emailing updates to clients, and listening to podcasts to power through.  A clean bill of health for the kiddo on Friday left time for a meeting with a local gallery, a video call with textile clients, and a new illustration assignment.

This morning I heard a scraping and clanging at the gate and found my son shoving our rickety card table down the driveway.  "Whatcha up to, kiddo," said I.  "Selling posters," said he, and indeed he'd drawn a whole collection of evil-eyed fruit and veggie characters, with plans to earn some money for a deeply desired and rare Pokemon.  Over the next few hours I watched him chat up neighbors, draw, and dollar by dollar, sell every poster.  

Much like the muse - or the crabby kid with an ear infection - when the Pikachu calls, one must answer.